Sunday, November 6, 2016


You may notice that the last time I posted was four years ago which is, not coincidentally, also when I started college. I thought I had enough writing in those four years to last me a life time, but surprisingly I've missed it. I'm finally getting back to being the kind of reader I wanted to be but never had time for. It's bliss. Heck, I even signed up for a monthly book box.

I missed the book blog community almost as much as I missed being a daily reader. My blog was never particularly popular, but it makes me happy to participate in bookish memes and get my opinion out there with reviews, as well as just be up to date on what's new in the bookish community. I'm making a point to start doing the things that make me happy too, even when it doesn't contribute to a better GRE score or a promotion at work. Thus this revival!

I hope anyone reading enjoys this; but most importantly, I know I will.

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